Coconut Flour Tortillas – an Excellent Replacement for Wheat Tortillas!

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DownloadCoconut Flour Tortillas - an Excellent Replacement for Wheat Tortillas!

Dianne Linderman talks about the incredible benefits of coconut oil – it can be used to replace most other fats that you normally use for cooking. Also, hear why so many people are allergic to wheat and what are some of the good wheat substitutes.

Have you ever tried making coconut flour tortillas? They are easy to cook and don’t take very much time to put together. To make them, you will need the following ingredients:

♨ 7/8 cup of egg white
♨ 6 and 2/3 tbsp water or coconut milk
♨ 3 and 1/3 tbsp coconut flour
♨ ¼ tsp salt
♨ 3 and 1/3 tsp butter or coconut oil for frying

Listen to Dianne’s instructions on how to make these coconut flour tortillas in your own kitchen! Also – read this interesting PDF to learn about all the health benefits of COCONUT FLOUR.

And remember to check out Dianne’s cookbook Everything That Matters in the Kitchen for more simple, decadent, easy to make recipes that you and your family will love.